Whenever and wherever I am, I’m taking portraits of women of any age without makeup. With this collection I want to tear us all out from a rooted feeling that makeup is a necessary part of a woman nature. I want to stand against the stereotype that women without makeup is somehow unofficial, sloppy…simply not ready. For what? We had already obtained one face, right from the start. Do we really need a new one so badly?


Go deep, women, deep into your heart. And ask yourself. Who keep you in this trap? Do we decorate ourselves all by our own will? Do we need makeup for social status, for someone to love us… for us to love ourselves? Isn’t that sad?

You may think that you need it for your partner. For your self-confidence. You may think it’s normal. That’s how it’s done. That it belongs to women. You may think that all the commercials really mean well by you. You may think it’s a part of self-care. That women have to be attractive and that is impossible without makeup. That women are simply vain, and men are pragmatic…


However, is it really this way? Where do our feelings come from? Our needs? Is our urge to put on makeup natural? Has it always been here? Don’t you leave too much space in your head to someone else? Is it really you who determines your values?

Do you really need to have another face to the amazing face given to you by nature when you take out the rubbish? When you go on a date? To a job interview? To a ball? When you want to be a woman, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a partner, a seductress… when you want to be true to yourself?

This project neither in any way opposes freedom of any individuals nor the common human passion for embellishment.